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in-Store Media

We are a shopper marketing agency who manages advertising campaigns at the point of sale to reach the consumers during their purchasing process.

Thanks to our continuous research on the shopper’s behaviour, in-Store Media is able to offer the best communication solutions to the brands based on the “Right Place, Right Time” concept.

More than 20 years providing value and experience to the communication between  brand, retailers and shoppers, support us.

Objetivo In Store Media


Nowadays, a consumer is exposed to more
than 3000 advertising messages every day.
In this context, how can we make sure that
our message is delivered to the shopper?
How can we really have an influence
on a consumer’s purchasing behavior?

Objetivo In Store Media


“Where and when” are the key elements
of a media strategy.
The best moment to influence on
a consumer is at the very moment
of making a purchase.

Objetivo In Store Media


In-Store Media was founded in 1998 with the goal of helping brands to have an impact on the shoppers when making their purchase decisions.

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