in-storemedia marketing shopper

We are the leading omnichannel Shopper Marketing Company

We help brands and retailers to engage with consumers during their path to purchase in order to convert them into shoppers


A unique combination of know how and key partnerships with retailers to deliver the right message at the right time.

Based on a complete understanding of the 3 stakeholders of the purchase process, Retailers,
Brands & Shoppers, in-Store Media invests in media assets that will be monetized adding value to all parts involved.



Improving shoppers’ experience while generating net incremental revenues:

  • Investment & Innovations
  • Omnichannel approach
  • 100% outsourced operation



Helping shopping decisions with relevant information:

  • Shopping Experience
  • Consistent cross channel communication
  • Relevant Messages



Creating media to impact shoppers
at the moment of truth:

  • Target reach
  • Communication Cross Channel
  • ROI Analysis

Last news


Análisis sobre el comportamiento del shopper según su generación

Comprender y adaptarse a cada generación de compradores es clave para marcas y retailers • La investigación de in-Store Media y Salvetti Llombart, presentada el jueves 27 de febrero en Madrid, revela las principales diferencias entre generaciones que marcas y retailers deberán de tener en cuenta para llegar de manera eficaz a los distintos...