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The return of investment in point-of-sale advertising

  With consumers overexposed to advertising impacts, receiving every day more than 3.000 commercial messages, refusing intrusive advertising and becoming more and more rational and demanding on its purchase decisions, the key to success resides in choosing the appropriate moment to have an impact on the consumer, as well as the best way to communicate …


Thousands of references and 15 seconds to decide: in store innovation clues

To give visibility to the products at the point of sale, retailers make an effort to create a direct contact with the customer. 79% of innovations are known in the store. Even though online purchases are gaining ground, 82% of purchase decisions continue to be taken in front of the shop shelves, where purchase intention …


The new point of sale trends in digital signage

We attended the event ISE 2017, the annual exhibition that shows the latest trends in the audiovisual market and the IT industry, with the purpose of knowing new technologies and contact new suppliers in order to be able to offer the maximum innovation and quality in digital signage. Interactive Media, Retail Analytics and the called “stores …


Benefits from e-commerce advertising personalization

Traditionally, advertising messages were transmitted impersonally in most channels, that is, offering the same content to all the consumers. But each product has its target and today, more than ever, brands have to adjust messages to their target audience. How to arrive only to the shopper of our interest? By devising personalization strategies of e-commerce …