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Digital signage. El vinculo entre la compra online y offline

El Shopper ha evolucionado, el nuevo comprador busca poder disfrutar de una experiencia personalizada y adaptada a sus preferencias, independientemente de si el canal de compra es online u offline. La omnicanalidad se podría definir como la alineación de todos los canales de la empresa para poner al cliente en el centro de la organización …


Benefits from e-commerce advertising personalization

Traditionally, advertising messages were transmitted impersonally in most channels, that is, offering the same content to all the consumers. But each product has its target and today, more than ever, brands have to adjust messages to their target audience. How to arrive only to the shopper of our interest? By devising personalization strategies of e-commerce …


5 tips for an effective in-Store digital communication

  Communication in the point of sale is for brands, more than ever, a challenge to get visibility, renown, traffic and image to reach in situ the final decision of the consumer. We knew it in paper, canvas, on the floor and in the shop shelves. At present, it is digital and it outstands: numerical …