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Digital media update the point of sale



Nowadays, consumers have changed much in the same way brands have changed the way they communicate with them. Interestingly enough, in-Store Media has found that people like to have more direct and emotional interactions.

The malls that form part of the Cencosud chain: Alto Las Condes, Portal La Dehesa and Florida Center, will give visitors the opportunity to interact with digital signage created by In-Store Media using their Smartphones.

Through a system that can be accessed by reading a Near Field Communication (NFC) label or a Quick Response (QR) code, people only have to follow a few simple steps and they will be able to connect by mobile phone to information about special offers and promotions, in addition to information about events and different views of the mall. They can also become fans of each of the different malls on Facebook.

This new advertising model that is being managed by in-Store Media is based on standardized communications campaign platforms that allow campaigns to be measured, which will make it possible to reach particular target customers in a new, innovative and personal way. In addition, this tool allows the scope of a campaign to be measured, which can give us useful information for the next sales strategy.