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Eye-Cam study: How do communication campaigns at the point of sale make an impact?



ISM has published the results of an innovative study carried out by TNS Global. The study analyzed purchaser behavior at the point of sale. To do this they used a new methodology called “Eyecam” that measures the field of view of a shopper while they are purchasing through special glasses that are fitted with a camera. Thanks to this technology it was possible to register how many times advertising elements in the sales area appeared in the field of view of the shopper.

These are some of the results from the study:

  • Well-located media: (opportunity for our media to be seen by the shopper)
    • Alarms: 100%
    • Stopper: 69.3%
    • Media that have not gone unnoticed: (time in their field of view)
      • Alarms: 6.4 sec
      • Floor-Media: 5.8 sec
      • Stopper: 6.1 sec

The study was complimented by surveys where people were asked about brand health attributes and the perception of our media. Here you have the results:

  • Media that produce brand awareness and brand image:
    • “Top of Mind” (TOM) increase of +54%
    • Advertising recall reached +79,5%
    • Purchase intent reached +44%