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Farmacia San Pablo

Farmacia San Pablo

Today, after a few months of work, we have finished the installation of San Pablo Farmacia digital channel. It is a very important step for us for three different reasons:

  1. Because it is our first digital project in Mexico
  2. Because it allows us to broaden our scope, heretofore limited to supermarkets.
  3. Because it makes us feel proud to work with the renowned drugstore chain in the City of Mexico, distinguished by its positioning and service quality.

We have finished the installation of the digital circuit in 57 drugstores, and that will allow us to have an impact on all San Pablo Farmacia shoppers more than 5 times per visit. It is not only an advertising circuit but, furthermore, it is complemented with a management turn system that will allow San Pablo to control in an appropriate way a very important task, that is, customer service in the point of sale.

It consists of 158 large format screens of two types:

  1. Vertical format screens to show advertising
  2. Horizontal format screens to show the turn system for customers (a third of the screen) and the advertising content (two thirds of the screen)

farmacia san pablo

farmacia san pablo 2

It has been a lot of months of conversations with San Pablo Farmacia, presentations, technical meetings, agreement negotiations, audits in the stores to search the optimal location of the elements making up the channel, ending with the installation in record time and the delivery of the last drugstore, carried out last 19th of April.

We are convinced that it is the beginning of a productive and long-lasting commercial relationship. From here we want to express our gratitude to San Pablo Farmacia team, that has done everything possible to make this project get ahead and we want to congratulate our team in Mexico for carrying it out.