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Live Malls arrive to France


Live Malls

Covering 120 leading malls in France, Live Malls has been launched in order to offer brands a communications campaign platform that has been created under the following premise: “Impact More – Impact Better”.

“Impact more”: getting the maximum coverage

By being present in 120 of the 200 most important malls of the country, we can offer 90% coverage of the agglomerations.

Since these malls average 2.7 million visitors per day, we always find food retailers such as Auchan or Geant Casino along with other renowned brands from the fashion, perfume, beauty and electronic goods sectors, among others.

“Impact Better”: a more effective impact

The Live Malls communications campaign platform is made up of malls that are clearly focused on consumption, which creates a useful and efficient impact on the purchase process.

In addition, this platform is set in redesigned malls that offer a comfortable experience for the shopper, which further encourages them to stay longer and repeat their visit to the mall.