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Opportunities and needs of Omni-channel retailing in the point of sale

Opportunities and needs of Omni-channel retailing in the point of sale



At present, the shopper is in contact with the product in different ways, physically and also online or through mobile, and not in an isolated way, but as a whole. From multi-channel retailing we have entered in the omni-channel retailing era, where the shopper is, like never before, the central axis of the whole communication, also in the point of sale.

The purchase process is no more a path-to-purchase lineal model. Although the consumer decides which channel to use in each moment, he continues to require a homogeneous experience, which is not discontinuous when jumping from one channel to the other. It is the great challenge of retailers, who are devoting important efforts to consolidate a coherent experience between channels.

From in-Store Media we believe that this adaptation that retailers are doing has to be done in the communication of brands, and in particular with the brand whose objective it the purchase decision moment. Communication in the purchase moment shall be adapted to that omni-channel retailing and, above all, it shall try to be more and more appropriate for each shopper and his moment. Without a doubt, that transition poses a lot of challenges, but it also brings new communication opportunities.

The use of new technologies inside the store, both physically with the use of apps and beacons, and virtually, allows us to customize messages addressed to the shopper in order to maximise his purchase experience, strengthen the brand engagement and the relationship with the retailer and, at the same time, create big data in order to improve future communication actions with the consumer.