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Point of sale communication



In-Store Media has created a guide that explains most important factors of communication with the shopper in the moment of the sale. To create this guide we carried out a study together with Salvetti & Llombart to get to know purchase dynamics in Spanish homes.

To communicate in the point of sale we have to bear in mind three main actors: the brand, the shop and the shopper.

First, we have to define the goal of the brand. The message will be different depending on what the brand wants to communicate, an innovation, a promotion or simply branding. In all cases the product shall be the main actor and the message shall be short and direct.

The second factor to bear in mind is the place where we are going to communicate. We shall combine Out-Store means, to get consumer attention, In-Store means to modify common itinerary of the shopper and/or Linear In-Store means to influence the purchase decision.

The role of the product for the shopper is the last important factor. We distinguish between necessity goods and “indulgent” products. For necessity goods message shall be rational and focused on the benefit. For indulgent products communication shall be sensorial and shall stimulate gratification.

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