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The return of investment in point-of-sale advertising




With consumers overexposed to advertising impacts, receiving every day more than 3.000 commercial messages, refusing intrusive advertising and becoming more and more rational and demanding on its purchase decisions, the key to success resides in choosing the appropriate moment to have an impact on the consumer, as well as the best way to communicate with him, both to reach communication purposes and to optimize advertising investment.

Point of sale advertising offers an important investment return (ROI), both on sales and recognition. Through advertising campaigns the brand and/or product gets a greater visibility, we get customer loyalty and attract new customers and products or service qualities are presented in a direct way. Beyond immediate sale, ads try to attract our attention with a non-intrusive communication that allows us to discover, visualize and test products.

Points of sale, of any kind, are increasingly conceived as showrooms or showcases. It is a key place for the purchase decision. Although online acquisitions are growing and are part of the brand strategy that is increasingly omnichannel and digital, 82% of decisions are still taken in the store. The point of sale is the place where consumers know 79% of products innovations, which means the double that in other means like television or Internet. The physical store continues to be, thus, the most receptive and the less crowded environment.

After recent studies carried out by in-Store Media we know that point-of-sale advertising achieves, on average, a sales increase of +17%, a purchase intention increase of +44%, an increase of 54% of top of mind-brand or product that first appears in the consumers mind- and an increase of +22% of the spontaneous awareness of the brand by the consumer.